Restoration of the East Choir façade of Naumburg Cathedral: short, noisy construction phase imminent

At the end of August, noisy work will be carried out during the restoration of the East Choir façade of Naumburg Cathedral. The black encrustations are removed by careful blasting with a mixture of water and blasting material. Due to the air pressure of the machines, these processes will be noisy.  The measures will probably take 2 weeks - until the beginning of September. After that, work with a laser will be carried out, which will be less noisy, followed by stone restoration measures.

"Later in the year the work cannot be carried out because the subsequent restoration work takes time and must be completed before the first night frosts," explains cathedral master builder Regine Hartkopf.

"We make every effort to complete this noisy work as quickly as possible in order to keep the disturbance to visitors and residents as low as possible. We thank you already now for the understanding of all involved ones. In the end, the work will serve to preserve the cathedral for the next generations and to preserve our unique world heritage", Dr. Holger Kunde, the director of Vereinigte Domstifter, joins Mrs. Hartkopf in her remarks.

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