Exhibition: The Naumburg Master's
Career and Works

An exhibition on the upstairs floor of the west cloister allows visitors to the cathedral complex to relive the journey taken by the Naumburg Master from France to Germany. It reveals astounding insights into the work and career of one of the most extraordinary sculptural architects of the 13th century.


Priceless originals, artfully-created copies of the Bamberg Knight or the west choir screen in Mainz, model churches, capitals and manuscripts as well as 3D animations of colour reconstructions take you through particular features of the Naumburg Master’s work and his roots in French cathedral art.

Special Exhibitions

In Naumburg Cathedral, current special exhibitions regularly link to the history and art treasures of the World Heritage Site. 

From 7th June to 31st October 2020, we cordially invite you to the exhibition "Uta meets Nina" with photographs by Jürgen Sieker. The intensive portrait studies of the donor statues and other famous works of art enter into a dialogue with photographs of famous personalities from politics, culture and sport.

From 12th September to 31st October 2020, we present a special exhibition of the Saxony-Anhalt Arts Foundation in Naumburg Cathedral: "Impression and devotion: A dedication to Max Klinger" . Four contemporary artists deal with Klinger's diverse oeuvre.