Uta meets Nina

Special exhibition with photographs by Jürgen Sieker

7th June to 31st October 2020

Expressive, lively, fascinating in their individuality - whoever looks at the twelve donor statues in Naumburg Cathedral is instantly touched. Instead of twelve stone sculptures, real people seem to look down on the visitor. It is not for nothing that Uta, Reglindis and the other statues of the Naumburg Master are among the most outstanding works of art of the High Middle Ages. The photographer Jürgen Sieker captured this truthfulness in intensive portrait studies. Sieker himself is a master of his trade. For decades, he portrayed prominent personalities from the fields of culture, politics and sports. For the project "Uta meets Nina", surprising photographic juxtapositions are created. The works of art of the Naumburg master and the face studies of the celebrities seem to enter into a dialogue.

Jürgen Sieker

Born in 1949 and raised in Karlsruhe, Germany, the photographer discovered his passion for photography at a very early age. His first photo series were taken in the 70s. At this time he mainly photographed cultural landscapes. Gradually, however, he began to focus on people, increasingly also on prominent personalities. With his camera, he came astonishingly close to Willy Brandt, Mikhail Gorbachev, Naomi Campbell and Nina Hagen, among others, and showed the famous faces as unadulterated and personal as hardly any photographer before him. For the first time some of the stars were ready to face a photographer's rather critical, expressive approach. The photographs published in 1993 in the illustrated book "famous faces" show "wrinkles, folds, distortions, which one would otherwise not see. Lived life." ('Die Zeit', 25 March 1994). For the first time, some of the stars were willing to face a photographer's more critical, expressiveness-oriented approach. The photographs, published in 1993 in the coffee-table book "famous faces," show "wrinkles, folds, distortions you don't usually get to see. Lived life." ("Die Zeit," March 25, 1994).

Uta meets Nina - – Special exhibition with photographs by Jürgen Sieker
7th June to 31st October 2020
Cathedral Church of St Mary
Visits during the regular Opening Hours of Naumburg Cathedral
Access included in the entrance fee of Naumburg Cathedral

Patron of the special exhibition "Uta meets Nina" is Rainer Robra, Minister of State and Culture of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.

The illustrated book "UTA TRIFFT NINA" will be published to accompany the exhibition.