The Cathedral Treasury Vault

The Cathedral Treasury Vault showcases the cathedral’s sacral treasures. Just entering the room is an experience in itself as the room covers an area of around 285 square metres and thus is one of the largest Romanesque vaults in central Germany. 

Learn about the cathedral’s treasures with the audio guide which provides information on all the masterpieces in an exciting and informative way.

The Naumburg Pietà (14th century) touches every viewer with its unusual expressiveness. It is not without reason that this lamentation of Christ is one of the most important of its kind in Europe.

The "Johannesschale" (13th century) certainly stirs the senses. It depicts the decapitated head of John the Baptist in extremely life-like form and is one of the oldest examples of its kind in Europe. The colossal missal is highly imposing (16th century). It stands out not only due to its rich miniatures but also its weight of 45 kilograms. Modern treasures were added to the cathedral’s treasures in 2014 with the glasswork by the artist Günter Grohs.

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