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What can you see in Naumburg Cathedral?
Which tours are available?
What is the Kinder-Dom-Bauhütte (children’s construction workshop)?
What else do you see on our website?
Why is Naumburg Cathedral so famous?

What can you see in Naumburg Cathedral?

Naumburg Cathedral is a big church.
You can visit the cathedral.
In the cathedral there are very famous works of art.
For example, a statue: Uta.
People all over the world know Uta.
In the cathedral there are exhibitions of famous artists.
In the cathedral there is a treasure chamber.
In the cathedral there is a beautiful garden.
In the cathedral there is an old library.
In the library there are very old handwritings and books.

Which tours are available?

We offer a guided tour in plain language.
We can show you a lot in a guided tour:
We can show you the cathedral and its famous works of art.
We show our treasure chamber with old art from the middle ages.
We explain the plants in our garden.
We show our old library with important books.
We show our exhibition.
The exhibition tells about an artist from the Middle Ages.
We can climb a tower together.
Please call us if you want to book a guided tour:
Tel: 00 49 34 45 - – 23 01 13 3

What is the Kinder-Dom-Bauhütte (children’s construction workshop)?

The children’s construction workshop is for children and adults.
Together with you, we create works of art.
We work like middle-aged artists.
We design:
Art made of stone.
Art made of glass.
Art made of leather.
You can book the Kinder-Dom-Bauhütte.
Please call us for booking.
Tel: 00 49 34 45 - – 23 01 13 3 

What else do you see on our website?

The website has a calendar of events.
The calendar shows:
Date and hour of events in the cathedral.
The information is in difficult language.
Click here to see the calendar.
The internet page tells about news in the cathedral.
The news show:
What is happening in Naumburg Cathedral at the moment?
The news are in difficult language.
Click here to see the news.

Why is Naumburg Cathedral so famous?

The cathedral in Naumburg is a large church.
The cathedral is over 800 years old.
The period of time 800 years ago is called the middle ages.
It took almost 100 years to build the cathedral.
The cathedral is very famous.
People from all over the world visit the cathedral.

The cathedral has been given an important title.
This title is:
UNESCO World Heritage Site.
UNESCO is an organisation.
It looks at important places and buildings.
UNESCO looked at the Cathedral in Naumburg.
UNESCO says:
The cathedral in Naumburg is a World Heritage Site.
This means:
The cathedral is very important for the whole world.
The cathedral should be protected for people.

The cathedral shows 2 different styles of building.
One of these styles is called Romanesque.
This means:
The buildings are round in shape.
For example, the arches.
The columns are fat and thick.
The windows are small.

The other style of building is Gothic.
This means:
The building uses pointed shapes.
The columns are high.
The arches between the columns are pointed.
The windows are large and colourful.
The cathedral shows Romanesque and Gothic styles.
This is very special.

The nave

The nave is a large room.
The nave is in the centre of the cathedral.
This is where services take place on Sundays.
People have been praying here for over 800 years.
Ordinary people, for example.
Back then, the men of the church did not pray together with the people.
They had their own room.
This room is called the choir.

The East Choir

We East Choir is a holy room.
People come here to be closer to God.
In the East Choir there is the main altar.
An altar is a table made of stone.
The main altar is the most important altar in the cathedral.
In Naumburg Cathedral there is also a second choir.
This is very unusual.
The second choir is called the West Choir.

The West Choir

The West Choir is built in the Gothic style.
It has 5 large stained-glass windows.
They all have a pointed arch.
Lots of light shines in through the windows.
The pictures on the windows show what God would like us to do.

For example:
People should help each other.
People should not kill.

In the West Choir there are 12 statues.
The are called donors.
The donors used to donate a lot of property to the church.
The most famous donors are Uta and Ekkehard.
The donor statues look very lively.
Many people say:
Uta is a very beautiful woman.
Many people come to see Uta.

The Naumburg Master

An artist built the West Choir almost 800 years ago.
The artist built the donor statues and the windows.
The artist brought the Gothic building style to Naumburg.
At the time, it was very modern.
The entire West Choir is a big work of art.
But no one knows the artist’s name.
So, we call him the Naumburg Master.

This shows that:
The cathedral made the artist famous.

The artist also built the West Choir Screen.
The West Choir Screen is a wall made of stone.
The West Choir Screen separates the nave from the West Choir.
The West Choir Screen shows 8 pictures.
The pictures tell a story.
It is the story of Jesus and his death.
One choir screen in a cathedral is very unusual.
However, the cathedral in Naumburg has 2 choir screens.
This is very special.

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