Chapel of St Giles

The stone chapel named after St Giles lies on the northern side of Naumburg Cathedral. The Chapel of St Giles’s Curia is one of several chapels originally provided for the private use of the cathedral’s canons. The two-storey chapel building dates back to the early 13th century, more or less coinciding with the start of construction of the second, late-Romanesque Naumburg Cathedral. Although the curia was first mentioned in documents in 1305, the style of construction and types of capital indicate an earlier point in time. It is the ornamental similarities with the capitals in the eastern crypt of Naumburg Cathedral that suggest that the chapel must have been built around 1210/20. Of particular note is the Romanesque tympanum, parts of which still survive, with a depiction of the legend of St Giles and a figured capital with the personification of Lilith or Luxuria. The dome-shaped vault based on the Rhenish style is unique in central Germany and has impressive acoustics.

The chapel can only be visited on request.
An admission price of 2 euros in charged.

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