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The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in Naumburg is one of Europe’s most important cultural monuments from the high middle ages and a masterpiece of human creativity. It is our task, our passion, to maintain and preserve this World Heritage Site for future generations. But we can only do that with your help.


Save the patron saints of Naumburg Cathedral

The church is donated to them, they give it their name and stand on it in a sublime and protective manner: the patron saints of Naumburg Cathedral St. Peter and St. Paul.

Become a "companion" for the Naumburg Cathedral Garden

In our almost one-hectare cathedral garden, we invite our visitors to escape all the hustle and bustle for a while. A walk in the Wandelgarten with its park-like paths, past idyllic ponds and blooming nature encourages you to pause and dream. However, the paths in the Wandelgarten are gnawed by the ravages of time.

Learn more and support the maintenance of the trail network

Support the volunteer work in the KinderDomBauhütte

For 10 years now, Vereinigte Domstifter have been offering two teenagers a year the opportunity to complete their voluntary social or cultural year (FSJ) in the KinderDomBauhütte. The volunteers receive an expense allowance for their commitment. 

Start your own fundraising campaign for Naumburg Cathedral

It can be a round birthday, other celebrations, or the farewell of a person, which motivates a fundraising campaign. You support us if you think of the cathedral on these occasions.

Commit yourself permanently

A regular donation helps to maintain and preserve our World Heritage Site for future generations.

Donations by bank transfer

You can also donate to Naumburg Cathedral with a remittance slip.

Volunteer work

Would you like to do voluntary work for Naumburg Cathedral? Many exciting activities are possible: 

  • Voluntary work in the Visitor Centre
  • Support in visitor reception - advice for our guests
  •  Distribution of audio and group devices
  • Conducting guided tours
  • Preparation and supervision of concerts, church services and events
  • Voluntary work in the Cathedral Chapter Library and Archive
  • Maintenance of the Cathedral Garden and the Cathedral Cemetery
  • Voluntary work in the KinderDomBauhütte



Bastian Borck
Phone: +49 (0) 3445 23 01 111

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