Guided Tours for School Trips

Our school tours are tailored directly to the age of the children and can focus on specific topics in accordance with the syllabus or be combined with educational projects in the KinderDomBauhütte (children’s construction workshop). Each tour of the cathedral can also be expanded with a range of other tour options, including a tour of the permanent exhibition, garden or towers.

For advise, please contact our visitor centre.

The cathedral and its masterpieces

On our school tours, we will show you what it is that makes Naumburg Cathedral so special. We explain the various periods of construction, introduce the Naumburg Master and his world-renowned masterpieces, most specifically the statues of the donors and the West Choir Screen, and also reveal the many modern works of art such as the playful handrails by Heinrich Apel or the windows by Neo Rauch. School groups will learn about the thousand-year-old cultural history which continues to inspire and amaze us today.

Duration: approx. 45 min
Cost: 3 € per person
plus 20.00 € per group (max. 25 people)

School audio guide and audio drama of the story of the passion

We have designed a tour specifically for school groups and after-school clubs. Simius the monkey sculpture takes children on an exciting discovery of the cathedral, introducing them to this ancient building and all its features.

Eyes and ears peeled! In an exciting audio drama, children can follow the story of the passion in wonder as told by the passion relief on the West Choir Screen. Standing in front of it the children and young people are whisked away to a completely different time in history.

Duration of the children’s audio guide: approx. 45 min
Length of the audio drama: 30 min
Language: German

The audio guide is included in the admission price.


The projects in the KinderDomBauhütte (Children’s Construction Workshop) introduce children and young persons to the fascinating world of a construction workshop in the 13th century. Adopting the role of stone mason, glazier or master builder, they will discover how art, architecture and religion came together in the middle ages. The wide range of projects are adapted to the frameworks of the syllabus and can be tailored to groups of all ages. There are numerous options for linking activities in an imaginative way to all manner of academic subjects including history, RE, art, biology, maths and special topics.

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