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The almost 1,000-year history of our UNESCO World Heritage Site comes alive for you in the KinderDomBauhütte. Here you will go in search of traces of the medieval stonemasons, glaziers or master builders and thus come very close to the fascinating creative power of the Naumburg master. In our varied offers you can - after a thematically coordinated exploration of the Naumburg Cathedral - give free rein to your creativity and produce your own personal workpiece in a special atmosphere. Whether for a company Christmas party, a club or family celebration, or a team-building activity with colleagues, here you will spend distinctive hours and together uncover secrets that have been kept for centuries.

The prices indicated apply to a group of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25. We would advise booking well in advance.

Heavenly light

Almost 12 metres in height, the windows in the West Choir bathe the room in a magical display of colour which changes with the natural light. The Gothic building style provided openings in walls for glass pictures which were combined with stone tracery to form a single unit. During a tour of the cathedral, we give you an insight into the craft of the medieval glass artists. With a bit of skill and sensitivity, you can have a go at replicating this interplay between light, colour and symbolism. In the glass workshop cut, break and grind this sensitive material to create your own luminous glass pendent. In this way, you can create your own personal piece of heavenly light as a memento of your session.

Duration: 120 min
Project fee: 15 € per person

Wine in stone

The walls of the West Choir Screen and the famous West Choir are adorned with delicate capitals made of "muschelkalk" or shell limestone. Maple, oak, vine, mugwort or fig, the decorative stone foliage adds to the impressive medieval decorations and can also be found in their natural form in the “Naumburg Master’s Garden”. They reveal the precise powers of observation and craftmanship of the medieval sculptors. Let yourself be inspired by the natural templates in our garden, create your own designs and turn these delicate plants to stone. After a glass of local Saale-Unstrut wine, step into the traditions and clothing of a medieval workshop and create a delicate foliate relief out of aerated concrete using chisels, rasps and files.

Duration: 120 min
Project fee: €25 per person, incl. a glass of wine + cathedral glass with quiver

In radiant light. Creative candlemaking

Candlelight has been used for thousands of years to create a comforting atmosphere of warmth and security. In places of worship, candles are lit all year round and represent far more than just a source of light. While taking a tour of the cathedral we discover the symbolic importance of candles and learn about those occasions when they are still used today. You will then have the opportunity to create your own personal warm candlelight for your home or as a gift for others: as a completely unique family, Easter or confirmation candle.

Duration: 120 min
Project fee: 15 € per person

Marked by time

The extensive range of artefacts held in the Cathedral Chapter Library preserve the almost 1,000-year-old history of Naumburg Cathedral. In a tour through the cathedral and library, you will get rare insights into the valuable manuscripts and a great many surprising stories from a long forgotten time. View the beautifully-decorated leather bindings which reveal the major importance awarded to medieval manuscripts. Following an introduction to leatherworking techniques you’ll get to create your own personal bookmark from genuine sleek leather. We have various stitching irons which can be used to make a range of decorative patterns in the damp leather.

Duration: 120 min
Project fee: 15 € per person

Light effects in the change of colours

The baptism chapel in Naumburg Cathedral hosts an extraordinary treasure – a mosaic window made up of hundreds of tiny pieces of glass. The glass window was made by Josef Oberberger, a renowned stained-glass artist from the 20th century, who also played a significant role in restoring the historical glass windows. Experience the circumstances in which the window was created and the exciting story behind it. With a range of design options, you can then create your own unique, colourful lantern in the form of a glass mosaic. There are scarcely any limits on your creativity.

Duration: 150 min
Project fee: 15 € per person

Christmas special: A dazzling Christmas in the glass workshop

For a very long time, light has been a key symbol during advent, with the birth of Jesus bringing light to the world. This also applies to the Gothic cathedral windows in the West Choir, for instance, which were designed to brighten up the darkness of the middle ages. Our Christmas activity looks at these fascinating works of art: starting with a visit to the illuminating stained-glass window and ending with your own go at working with glass. In the KinderDomBauhütte, warm up with a mug of mulled wine as you prepare to create your own piece of glass work. Following the example of the medieval artists, cut pieces of glass in various different colours to size, breaking and grinding and soldering them together to make either a shining star or angel.

Available during advent
Duration: 180 min
Project fee: €25 per person, incl. a pot of mulled wine

Creative afternoons for adults

On selected afternoons, the KinderDomBauhütte opens its doors just for adults. Put yourselves in the shoes of an ancient cathedral master builder and have a go at creating a piece of art, using traditional techniques, out of stone, glass or leather. Inspired by the highly detailed capitals, illuminated windows or historical books in the cathedral and its archive, make your own individual trinket – your very own piece of cathedral treasure. Please note that the event is in German only. Space is available for a maximum of 25 adults on creative afternoons. Please contact our visitor centre to book these sessions in advance. Dates
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