Children's Birthday Parties

The KinderDomBauhütte (children’s construction workshop) opens its doors for you and your birthday guests. Together, we take a jump into the middle ages and lift the lid on the centuries-old secrets of the master builders. We first take a tour of discovery around the cathedral before picking up tools and building materials and getting creative. Or we can delve even deeper into the cathedral’s many secrets and embark on a medieval treasure hunt. So, why not turn your birthday into a masterful experience.

80 € including: 120 min project Max. 10 children | 2 accompanying persons


 Dates individually according to appointment

We will provide juice and you are welcome to bring your own snacks.

No money, no cathedral

Slip into the role of various historic personalities and find out how they were able to build such an imposing cathedral back in the middle ages. Not only were stone, glass and wood important – they also needed some clever brains, skilled craftsmen and the odd gold coin. Together, collect as many gold coins as you can by finding the secret treasure, solve tricky puzzles and check the accuracy of the ancient builders. 

As reward for your efforts and a memento or your fun day at the cathedral, each of you will then make your own coin.

Other birthday activities

Botany in stone
Greenfinger fun! The plants in the cathedral garden can be used to sculpt wonderful works of art from stone. Sculpt your own foliate relief from aerated concrete.

Heavenly light
Adopt the role of medieval glass artists and, using the luminescent windows in the cathedral for inspiration, create your own individual glass pendents.

Uta von Naumburg. A lady of style
Become a medieval fashion designer and help dress Uta.

A piece of the garden to take away
Create your own cathedral garden, design your own flower pot and sow magical medicinal plants.

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