Less contact access and more security: renewal of the locking system in Naumburg Cathedral

In the wake of the ongoing Corona pandemic, the existing hygiene concept in Naumburg Cathedral is currently being further improved. With the support of the "Cultural Investment Program Digitization EU REACT" a hygiene-safe equipment for our guests will be created and the cultural tourism offer will be raised to a new level. As many areas as possible are to be made less contact with a measure.

As a world heritage site, we would like to be in the best possible position for the future for our guests, also in the area of hygiene and safety. Nothing is more important today than to set an example in the ongoing pandemic and to ensure greater security through new innovations. By renewing our locking system, numerous doors will no longer have to be operated manually in the future and can be conveniently opened and closed without contact.

Not only for our visitors the stay in the Naumburg Cathedral can be made less contact, also our employees are better protected, because a single transponder can replace a multitude of keys, which are constantly in circulation so far.

Sustainable and secure: The new locking system protects not only visitors and employees, of course, but first and foremost the cathedral as an important cultural site with valuable art treasures. This will also be possible even more effectively in the future, as lost transponders, for example, can be blocked immediately, which greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized use. This also means that the time-consuming and expensive replacement of key cylinders can be dispensed with.

We are very pleased to be able to take this further big step towards digitization thanks to the project funding.

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