6 Discover and win STAUNENSWERTE

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Saxony-Anhalt and collect a stamp every time you visit the 6 STAUNENSWERTEN!

All diligent collectors who have collected at least two World Heritage Site stamps on their card and return their stamp card to the Saxony-Anhalt Investment and Marketing Company can expect a surprise.
In addition, in December 2021, a prize will be awarded among all entries in addition to World HeritageCards an amazing stay in the beautiful travel destination Saxony-Anhalt will also be raffled. The closing date for entries is 8 December 2021.

The stamp cards are available in conjunction with the World Heritage information pack directly from us in the cathedral as well as the other World Heritage sites and the local tourist information offices or online via a Brochure order to obtain.

Amazing stamps are here:

  • Quedlinburg: Ticket office Stiftsberg | Tourist-Info Markt 4
  • Wittenberg: Luther House | Melanchthon House | Castle Church | City Church
    Eisleben: Luther's birthplace | Luther's death house
  • Dessau-Roßlau: Bauhaus building | Haus Gropius (Masters' Houses) | Konsum building | Bauhaus Museum
  • Naumburg Cathedral
  • Garden Kingdom Dessau-Wörlitz: Garden Kingdom Shop in Wörlitz, Oranienbaum and Mosigkau | Luisium Palace | Stein Island | Gothic House (Wörlitz Park)
  • Sky Disk: State Museum of Prehistory Halle (Saale) | Nebra Ark

The stamped stamp card with at least two stamps and with the address field completely filled in must be sent either to Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH, Am Alten Theater 6, 39104 Magdeburg or scanned and sent by e-mail to tourismus@img-sachsen-anhalt.de be sent.

Further information and the conditions of participation can be found at the Website of the 6 amazing people.

We wish you many astonishing moments during your visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, lots of fun collecting stamps and good luck in the competition!

© IMG Saxony-Anhalt
© IMG Saxony-Anhalt

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