New special tours in Naumburg Cathedral

From the plague to the Reformation, from the West Choir to the Cathedral Cemetery - the Vereinigte Domstifter offer new special and expert tours every Friday at 6.30 pm from the end of June to the end of October.

"We have come up with a concept to attract more visitors to the cathedral again after the period of closure. We would also like to give people from the region an incentive to visit our World Heritage Site once again and get to know it from a completely different perspective", says the director of Vereinigte Domstifter, Dr Holger Kunde.

New special tours were designed and additional tours were added to the programme, which always generated a high level of interest. New expert tours were also developed. We will start on 26 June with the director of the foundation: "I will tell you special anecdotes, my favourite places in the cathedral and mysterious places you have never seen before, I am looking forward to seeing you", emphasises Dr Holger Kunde.

Further expert tours are "Where did the money go?" with the treasurer of Vereinigte Domstifter, Grit Schödel. She reveals where the riches of the past were invested. The regional bishop Johann Schneider will introduce visitors to Nikolaus von Amsdorf and the Reformation. In another guided tour, the head of the Cathedral Chapter Archives, Matthias Ludwig, will explain the events surrounding the plague and other epidemics over the centuries and their impact on Naumburg.  There will be another expert tour with the glass workshop, which has restored the special windows of the West Choir. And one with the head of the visitor centre, Kirsten Reichert: she will talk about pilgrims and tourism in the past.

Also the photographer of the special exhibition "Uta meets Nina", Jürgen Sieker, will guide through his photo exhibition and tell about his work with celebrities and artworks - he has many interesting anecdotes at hand (these guided tours will take place on Saturdays 11. July, 5 September and 3 October 2020).  

Also in the program are new special tours of the cathedral cemetery or the Aegidien Chapel, tours that revolve around the most beautiful woman of the Middle Ages, Uta of Naumburg, and go into the planning and work of the Naumburg Master. In honour of the recently deceased artist Heinrich Apel, there will also be a special guided tour of his works of art in Naumburg Cathedral.

All guided tours comply with the current regulations for containment of SARS-CoV-2. We would advise booking well in advance . A registration in advance is absolutely necessary.

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