Special guided tour "Sinnes-Wandel(n) Romanik - Flashlight tour in Naumburg Cathedral".



02 Feb 2024




Naumburg Cathedral
Cathedral Square 16/17, 06618 Naumburg (Saale)


12 €

Through light and darkness, sound and silence, warmth and cold, we take you back to the Romanesque period. With the doors already closed, we take you on an exclusive tour of Naumburg Cathedral and St Giles' Chapel. The tour takes you down into the candlelit crypt. Marvel at the Romanesque crucifix from 1170, which has been preserved from the time of the first cathedral construction. By the light of your own torch, the path leads you further into the east choir and, accompanied by liturgical sounds, through the otherwise closed doors of the chancel. The focus is always on the Romanesque ornamentation, which is impressively emphasised in the sparse light. To round off the tour, join us in marvelling at a very special gem of Romanesque architecture, the Ägidienkapelle.

Please bring your own torch for the special tour.

Please buy a ticket in time via our Online shop or contact us via our visitor centre every Friday at 6.30 pm from the end of June to the end of October.

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