Special guided tour "Passiontide in Naumburg Cathedral: The tradition of fasting and celebration"



16 Mar 2024




Naumburg Cathedral
Cathedral Square 16/17, 06618 Naumburg (Saale)


12,50 € per person

During Lent, the "tradition of fasting and celebration" is explained to visitors every Saturday at 3.00 pm as part of a special tour. The 40-day period of Lent is the time of preparation for the highest festival of the church year, Easter. With his depiction of the Passion story on the west rood screen in Naumburg Cathedral, the Naumburg Master created one of the most expressive depictions of the Passion story. The pictorial programme of the Marian altar in the west choir, completed by Michael Triegel, also takes up the symbolism of the Passion of Christ in key places and continues the narrative initiated on the west rood screen in a very special way up to the depiction of the Risen Christ.

Note: The side wings of the Cranach-Triegel Altarpiece will be closed during the first Passiontide service on 17 February 2024 until the Easter Vigil (Saturday to Sunday, 30/31 March). This means that the centrepiece created by Michael Triegel depicting the Virgin Mary and the two original side wings created by Lucas Cranach the Elder depicting the Apostles Philip and James the Younger and the Apostle James the Elder and Saint Mary Magdalene will remain hidden. However, the back of the centre section with the Risen Christ as "Salvator Mundi" remains visible. The closure also brings the two saints Catherine and Barbara, whom Cranach created on the outer wings, into focus.

Please buy a ticket in time via our Online shop or contact us via our visitor centre every Friday at 6.30 pm from the end of June to the end of October.

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