Special guided tour "The Cherry Festival Legend - How it all began".



May 15, 2022




Naumburg Cathedral
Cathedral Square 16/17, 06618 Naumburg (Saale)


8,50 €

During the special guided tour as part of the 45th International Museum Day, on the 600th anniversary of the death of Bishop Gerhard von Goch, you will learn how today's cherry festival legend came into being.

Gerhard von Goch participated in the Council of Constance as bishop of Naumburg (1409-1422). However, he had nothing to do with the condemnation and execution of the famous reformer Jan Hus. Nevertheless, the legend arose in Naumburg that because of his participation the Hussites later wanted to take revenge on Naumburg. This legend is essentially based on the chronicle of lies by Johann Georg Rauhe, who at the end of the 18th century laid the (false) content basis for today's Cherry Festival. The Hussites were never in Naumburg. The bishop donated the Epiphany Chapel on Naumburg Cathedral Square. When Johann Wolfgang von Goethe visited the cathedral in 1813, he was particularly taken with the bishop's tomb.

The aim of International Museum Day is to draw attention to the thematic diversity of the more than 6,500 museums in Germany and museums worldwide. The day of action is proclaimed annually by the International Council of Museums ICOM and is highlighted with a different theme from museum work. In 2022, the focus is "Discovering museums with joy".

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